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(edit: the price went up slightly since the video was made but publish247.com remains a great deal). A Domain is that the http://www.your-name that every website has. They’re actually easy to get and very affordable if you know where to look.

First a warning about so called free domain names: You know the saying nothin’ comes for free, we’ll usually a free domain means not only having to put up with a bunch of ads filling up your website, but even worse, it often means you don’t even own the domain, instead the company who gives you the free domain actually owns it, meaning it could be taken away at anytime.

However, when you purchase domain registration from a trustworthy company at a low price, you are the master of the domain, like owning a title to a car.

After an extensive search I found the company that is not only trustworthy but very affordable.

There are many features you can add to your domain like a website, photo album and a blog, private registration and even more.

By the way, if you are a beginner, Publish247.com has a service called “Website Tonight” where you can build an entire professional website without any technical know-how needed.

You can also setup e-mail to send and receive from your own permanent email address at your domain. —

There’s also advanced Windows and Linux server features for you techies out there.

What I like best about Publish247.com is they help you find a domain name that’s actually still available, as thousands are registered everyday and the longer you wait the harder it is to find a good to domain name that’s still available.

To start, simply type the domain name you want in the search box at Publish247.com’s home page, it will not only show you if that name is available but will also give you suggestions as to what similar names are available.

From there you’re off to the races and on your way to having your professional web presence, for a nice low-cost.

And remember: it’s your domain, have fun with it!

PS: Looking for a great low-cost host? Check out OLI Hosting Services


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