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New Blog about Hosting shows value of blogs

Posted on: February 18, 2010

Online Institute now has their own blog, known as the OLI Hosting Blog where they are covering their favorite topics like chat software, ftp hosting and forum hosting.

This is a good example of a company using a blog to communicate with their customers, kind of like a FAQ where common questions can be addressed. And it’s a WordPress Blog software so there are lots of nice features including the ability to search all the posts.

As OLI is also Blog Hosting provider, they are also providing a live demo of their hosting service in action.

This just exemplifies how blogs have come of age as now businesses are using them to communicate with their audience and share insights with their customers.

And people thought blogs were fads, just like they thought the web was a fad. However when businesses find a use for a new technology, it means it’s here to stay.

Keep on blogging!
– Fred


1 Response to "New Blog about Hosting shows value of blogs"

Just stumbled across your Blog. Great info. Thanks.

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