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What is FTP hosting?

Posted on: May 1, 2009

And FTP stands for file transfer protocol, which just means it is a method for sending files through the Internet.

Hosting, or an FTP Host, is a company who provides the FTP storage space. the storage space is usually divided into folders which are placed on servers, which are computers that “serve” Internet Content.

Companies who use FTP hosting our usually in need of transferring large files between clients or employees, or companies who are looking for a place to have a remote backup of the important documents. Other uses can be people who want to store images that they can load on the other what sites, as well as movies or music.

The FTP host gives each customer a set amount of disk space to store their files, as well as bandwidth limit to make sure that the servers do not get over worked.

In some cases people have even used FTP hosting to publish websites within their FTP folders, as long as the Host has an option for storing files where they can be web accessible.

Since the most uses for FTP hosting do not to require Web access, most customers find that they do not need to register a whole new domain name for their FTP hosting. A good FTP host offers their clients a sub-domain, which doesn’t require any additional registration on the customer’s part.

The FTP hosting from Online Institute is the best I’ve found out there.

For basic data storage, the Publish247 Online Data Storage Solutions are nice.


1 Response to "What is FTP hosting?"

There are a lot of players in this market I’ve used. There’s a lot of price variation and quality (speed/uptime) between FTP hosting suppliers. I used FTPFast (http://www.ftpfast.com/) for personal and some business. But because I work at a hospital I needed to use IQ Storage for HIPAA (http://www.iqstorage.com/) which thank G-d my work pays for because they are really expensive. That being said I have no complaints about them.

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