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Web-FTP: Web-based FTP hosting

Posted on: May 1, 2009

As more of our personal and business lives go on line, there is greater need more space for everything — online folders to store all our digital files. While this seems like it could be complicated as it involves terms like FTP hosting, it is really quite simple when the host sets up a web based FTP interface, called Web-FTP.

This means that accessing a remote folder is as easy as typing a username and password from any web browser, making accessing remote storage folders and sharing files as easy as surfing the web.

What’s even cooler is when the FTP Host puts their Web-FTP on a secure server, meaning all the data is encrypted in transit for extra security.

Once you login to the web based folder, it’s usually as easy as clicking on upload to place a file on this server. Downloading is usually as easy as selecting a file and clicking the download link. Here’s some screen-shots of a nice Web-FTP Hosting Service.

A good FTP hosting provider will also allow you to setup various private FTP folders, each with their own user name and password, allowing you to have various folders for different clients or projects.


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