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Recommended Secure FTP Hosting software for PC and Mac

Posted on: May 1, 2009

What is Secure FTP Hosting?

Secure FTP hosting implies that the data is encrypted as it passes through the internet. It is a safeguard in the rare chance that some hacker happens to ber intercepting data as it passes through the Internet, if the data is encrypted and the hacker will just see a bunch of gobbledygook.

Companies that rely the most on secure FTP hosting are in the medical and financial industries. Anyone uploading or downloading credit card data or people’s medical history should take great care to make sure they are using a secure connection.

When a connection is secure, the user’s FTP Software is using the secure encrypted port 22. The most common form of secure FTP software is known as SFTP – which stands for a secure file transfer protocol.

What’s the best software for SFTP?

The best FTP and secure FTP Software for Windows that I have found it is from CoreFTP.com. For Macintosh the best secure FTP Software I found is from CyberDuck. Not only are these well supported and easy to use, they are free.

To activate the secure connection within the FTP software, simply click the appropriate box specifying “secure,” “encrypted,” or “SFTP.” Then you’re off to the races on an encrypted and safe data highway. Of course you need to make sure you have a FTP hosting provider who supports secure FTP, like Online Institute’s Secure FTP hosting.


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