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Image Hosting on FTP servers.

Posted on: May 1, 2009

Users of Ebay, forums and blogs often want an FTP hosting account to store their online pictures. Most FTP hosting providers allow images stored on the server to be accessible by web browsers.

A good FTP host will have a www directory you can place an image, and then you can type in the appropriate URL given to you by your host to view the image from any web browser. For instance this allows Ebay users to post a lot more images for less cost than paying the per-image cost that Ebay might be charging at the time.

It’s also nice for people who like to create custom banners or avatars for their forums or other social media, and they can link back to their FTP hosting URL where their images are stored.

Most FTP hosting providers will also give you a private directory where you can store other files which you might want to back up in-house or have stored in a remote location. Storing backup files on a remote FTP host is a great way it to protect your data in case the your computer had a major crash, If you had your data on a remote FTP hosting site, then you would be able to retrieve the data.

OLI provides the best Image Hosting service I’ve seen.


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