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Okay thought I’d share a cool site where you can link have blog posts post to twitter automatically. I’ve used it for years and it works nicely, saves a lot of time and keeps my twitter feed more alive. It’s called, appropriately enough: TwitterFeed.

enjoy! Fred


So many have heard of FTP to upload and download files online, but some are intimidated by the fact that they need to download and learn how to use FTP software to use FTP.

This is where Web-FTP comes in, it allows you to access your remote folders online using just your Web browser. Yes there are great FTP apps out there like FileZilla and CoreFTP, but some just want that simple easy access to FTP Folders using just there Web browsers.

FTP Hosting providers like Online Institute offer a real nice Web-FTP solution, and the abillity to create private user folders, each with their own username and password.

Here’s my recent youtube vid where I show a demo of the Web-FTP:

Ok so I’m a tech-geek, and a guy, so what could I possible know about what to get a new mother and her little baby?

Well let’s just say a good lady friend tuned Fred into this awhile back, and it’s always been a hit.

One of the most special times for a baby and new mom is bath time, and nothing is better for a baby after bath than to be wrapped in a cozy terry-cloth hooded towel.

hooded baby towels

The Hooded Baby Towel is always a hit as a unique gift idea for baby

TowelHoodies lets you write the gift-card right on their website and you can choose the jacquard ribbon and have the baby’s name embroidered on the towel to really make it a special and unique baby gift.

Anyway check them out at TowelHoodies.com. And check out the founders blog at MJMDesign.us.

Online Institute now has their own blog, known as the OLI Hosting Blog where they are covering their favorite topics like chat software, ftp hosting and forum hosting.

This is a good example of a company using a blog to communicate with their customers, kind of like a FAQ where common questions can be addressed. And it’s a WordPress Blog software so there are lots of nice features including the ability to search all the posts.

As OLI is also Blog Hosting provider, they are also providing a live demo of their hosting service in action.

This just exemplifies how blogs have come of age as now businesses are using them to communicate with their audience and share insights with their customers.

And people thought blogs were fads, just like they thought the web was a fad. However when businesses find a use for a new technology, it means it’s here to stay.

Keep on blogging!
– Fred

(edit: the price went up slightly since the video was made but publish247.com remains a great deal). A Domain is that the http://www.your-name that every website has. They’re actually easy to get and very affordable if you know where to look.

First a warning about so called free domain names: You know the saying nothin’ comes for free, we’ll usually a free domain means not only having to put up with a bunch of ads filling up your website, but even worse, it often means you don’t even own the domain, instead the company who gives you the free domain actually owns it, meaning it could be taken away at anytime.

However, when you purchase domain registration from a trustworthy company at a low price, you are the master of the domain, like owning a title to a car.

After an extensive search I found the company that is not only trustworthy but very affordable.

There are many features you can add to your domain like a website, photo album and a blog, private registration and even more.

By the way, if you are a beginner, Publish247.com has a service called “Website Tonight” where you can build an entire professional website without any technical know-how needed.

You can also setup e-mail to send and receive from your own permanent email address at your domain. —

There’s also advanced Windows and Linux server features for you techies out there.

What I like best about Publish247.com is they help you find a domain name that’s actually still available, as thousands are registered everyday and the longer you wait the harder it is to find a good to domain name that’s still available.

To start, simply type the domain name you want in the search box at Publish247.com’s home page, it will not only show you if that name is available but will also give you suggestions as to what similar names are available.

From there you’re off to the races and on your way to having your professional web presence, for a nice low-cost.

And remember: it’s your domain, have fun with it!

PS: Looking for a great low-cost host? Check out OLI Hosting Services

What is Secure FTP Hosting?

Secure FTP hosting implies that the data is encrypted as it passes through the internet. It is a safeguard in the rare chance that some hacker happens to ber intercepting data as it passes through the Internet, if the data is encrypted and the hacker will just see a bunch of gobbledygook.

Companies that rely the most on secure FTP hosting are in the medical and financial industries. Anyone uploading or downloading credit card data or people’s medical history should take great care to make sure they are using a secure connection.

When a connection is secure, the user’s FTP Software is using the secure encrypted port 22. The most common form of secure FTP software is known as SFTP – which stands for a secure file transfer protocol.

What’s the best software for SFTP?

The best FTP and secure FTP Software for Windows that I have found it is from CoreFTP.com. For Macintosh the best secure FTP Software I found is from CyberDuck. Not only are these well supported and easy to use, they are free.

To activate the secure connection within the FTP software, simply click the appropriate box specifying “secure,” “encrypted,” or “SFTP.” Then you’re off to the races on an encrypted and safe data highway. Of course you need to make sure you have a FTP hosting provider who supports secure FTP, like Online Institute’s Secure FTP hosting.

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